Thursday, November 15, 2012


Branama Queen, KEFEE, has released the first part of her long awaited double CD album ‘Best of Both Worlds’.
CD one is titled ‘Chorus Leader’.

Its a 14-track album which contains medley of gospel songs and other songs such as ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Who Get Ear’ featuring DC Envoys, a group which has comedian, Gordons as member. It also contains both versions of the already released ‘Sapele Water’, produced by TY Mix and K-Solo.
Kefee, is one of the few active Nigerian female music acts who has been consistent in the music industry, first breaking into the limelight with her debut single, ‘Branama’ and album of the same title. 
The "Chorus Leader" album marketed and distributed by Uba Pacific and is now available in stores nationwide. It is also available online on iTunes:
1. Intro
2. Praise Medley
3. Worship Medley
4. Congratulations [feat. Duncan Mighty]
5. Who Get Ear [feat. DC Envoys, Akpororo]
6. Igbunu
7. Celebrate [feat. YQ, LKT]
8. Congratulobia [feat. Duncan Mighty]
9. Skit
10. No Be Sapele Water [feat. K Solo Mix]
11. No Be Sapele Water – TY Mix
12. Outro
13. No Be Sapele Water [Instrumental]
14. Congratulations [Instrumental]

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