Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Chris Shalom, Gospel Singer & composer of the world renowned worship song, “You are the Reason”  has now released the new video for the hit song.

“You are the Reason” has been sung in different versions by different artistes but finally, Chris Shalom, the writer of the song is giving the original version a face. Like the song, the video depicts the reflection and the eventual epiphany of the writer expressed in worship that God is the reason for the greatest and the most inconsequential experiences. The colourful props and costumes create a theme of satisfaction while the tone and mood of the characters depict happiness and gratitude.

Chris Shalom is a passionate song writer, music producer, and dynamic vocalist. He also plays the keyboard excellently and has coordinated several Christ Embassy choirs in the course of his journey on this path. He released the first version of “You are the Reason” in 2010 and supported the effort with a video in 2011. The song was featured on his first album as well. The remix which was released in July 2014 will form a part of other great works that will make up the 3rd album due for release soon and what song is supposed to get a video that will usher in the album if not for the phenomenal “You are the Reason.”

The video was shot by Marthins Harrison and includes cameos from Chris Shalom’s band – Jesusbreed and Obi Shine.

Connect With Chris Shalom
Twitter: @Shalom_Chris


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